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Were you involved in RTA

If you have been injured in road traffic accident in a car, motorcycle, bicycle, public transport or injured as a pedestrian, you have the right to bring an action against the guilty party for a compensation.
Even if the perpetrator has left the incident scene or your driver is at fault and you were just a passenger, you could be entitled to receive a compensation.


If your vehicle has been damaged as a consequence of the accident - an independent expert can perform a vehicle survey and prepare a report on which the lawyers will look to recover directly from the culprit.

Also, in the course of the case, you will be able to claim compensation for the financial losses incurred, medical, travel expenses and other relevant expenses.


Sustained Injury at Work?

According to the law, every employer must have insurance against accidents at the workplace. Thus, in the event of an accident at work, it is not your employer but his insurance that pays for the employee's injuries, loss of income and other conditions directly related to the trauma.


Even if you feel that you might be to blame for the accident - in most cases employers are responsible for unsafe working conditions, so it's always best to contact LEXLITUS for free advice.


In the course of the case, the solicitors may be able to recover financial losses, medical, travel and other expenses.


Were you injured in Public Place

If you are injured from slipping, tripping or falling in a public place you can bring an action against a body or organization responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the relevant public or commercial place. Contact LEXLITUS for a free advice and find out if you are entitled to a compensation.


In the course of the case, the solicitors may be able to recover financial losses, medical, travel and other expenses.


Translation and Interpretation

LEXLITUS provides professional translation and interpretation services.

Translations include:
business, legal, medical, financial, etc.
Interpreting includes:
Simultaneous, Consecutive, Over Telephone
Legal translation: 

Book of Evidence etc. 
The translations are certified by the translator's signature and the company stamp. 
Text editing:
All translations are edited by native speaker editors.


Letters, documents

Writing of letters of complaints, appeals, etc. to public and private institutions and organisations